photo gallery of thetis island attractions

Photo Gallery of Thetis Island

A relaxing retreat, especially popular in the summer, the permanent residents of Thetis Island welcome visitors to enjoy the diverse recreational opportunities, including scuba diving, fishing, swimming, boating, cruising and kayaking. On land, beach exploration, golfing, bird watching, and hiking attracts visitors to the island.

Photo Gallery of Thetis Island

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Did you know . . .

The island was named in 1851 after HMS Thetis, a 36-gun Royal Navy frigate commanded by Captain Augustus Leopold Kuper (after whom Kuper Island is named). The ship was named after the Nereid Thetis from Greek mythology.

Thetis was first settled by Europeans in 1874 but permanent settlement took hold in the 1890s and 1900s. One of the early families on Thetis Island was the Hunter family. In 1891 Peter & Joseph Hunter purchased lot 27 from Mr. Walls, and then a couple of years later, lot 18 from Olaf Gustafson. Descendants of Peter Hunter continue to live on the northern coast of the island.

Among the homes and seasonal cabins of Thetis Island are three Christian organizations: Capernwray Harbour Bible SchoolPioneer Pacific Camp and formerly run Camp Columbia. There are also two marinas, Telegragh Harbour with a bistro and Thetis Island marina with a restaurant/pub, a small convenience store with post office, and several bed and breakfast on the island. Thetis Island also operates one of the few one-room schoolhouses left in Canada.