activities on thetis island

Activities on Thetis Island

A relaxing retreat, especially popular in the summer, the permanent residents of Thetis Island welcome visitors to enjoy the diverse activities on Thetis Island. Visitors can have fun scuba diving, fishing, swimming, boating, cruising and kayaking. On land, beach exploration, golfing, bird watching, and hiking attracts visitors to the island.

Activities on Thetis Island

Kayaking and canoeing
One of the most soulful ways to explore the Gulf Islands is in a sea kayak. There’s much to explore in this group of islands, and kayakers on Thetis usually begin their exploration at Preedy Harbour. A delightful weekend trip can be planned by leaving Thetis on a Friday afternoon, camping on Tent Island on Friday night, Reid Island on Saturday night, and returning to Thetis on Sunday afternoon.

Diving and snorkelling
Diving is popular on the many interesting reefs and wrecks in the clear waters around Thetis, and nearby Porlier Pass, which is a popular drift diving site.

Beachcombing and picnics
Pilkey Point on the northeast tip of Thetis is a popular place for residents to picnic and swim on a summer evening, while watching the sun set.

Fishing, clamming, and shrimping
Around Thetis Island, crab and shrimp are easy to trap, and clams, mussels and oysters are abundant in the clean foreshore areas around and near the island. Exploring the island’s sheltered bays by dinghy is another enjoyable Gulf Island pastime.

There are many businesses on the island that sell crafts and other rustic souvenirs. Watch for the signs at the side of the road advertising home baking, crafts, and more.

Activities on Thetis Island, things to do
Gulf Islands, British Columbia

Thetis Island has a mild climate experiencing less rainfall than the eastern coast of Vancouver Island because it lies in the Strait of Georgia in the rain shadow of Vancouver Island. Thetis Island has an annual rainfall averaging about 850 mm. Vegetation on the island includes many ArbutusDouglas Fir and Western Red Cedar. Pilkey Point offers islanders and visitors a great view of the ocean and is a popular attraction.